NYT: N.Y. Assembly Approves Fracking Moratorium

The New York Assembly voted for a temporary moratorium on natural gas drilling using hydraulic fracturing with horizontal drilling. The Senate has already passed a similar bill. The Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York is asking Governor David Paterson to veto the bill.


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The Times-Picayune: Formaldehyde causes cancer, EPA declares

epThe Environmental Protection Agency has concluded that formaldehyde, used in countless consumer products, is carcinogenic when inhaled by humans. The EPA also identified seven other non-cancer health effects of the chemical: sensory irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat; upper respiratory tract pathology; pulmonary function; asthma and atopy; neurologic and behavioral toxicity; reproductive and developmental toxicity; and immunological toxicity. The findings could lead to new stringent regulations of the widely used chemical.

Formaldehyde garnered national attention after Hurricane Katrina when some people living in the 120,000 FEMA trailers as temporary housing reported respiratory and other health problems. Trailer occupants had prolonged exposure to the chemical which is contained in wood products in the trailers.

The National Academy panel will hold its first meeting on the EPA’s draft assessment Monday in Washington.


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NY Times: Drone Strikes Pound West Pakistan

In a particularly severe drone attack in Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal region, American drone aircraft fired 18 missiles on militants.

Located on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, Taliban and Al Qaeda use the region to train militants for operations against NATO forces in Afghanistan.

The severity of the drone attacks, a continuation of the Central Intelligence Agency’s attempt to break down the capabilities of Al Qaeda and the Taliban, has forced militants to keep on the move and use temporary shelters.

A resident of Miranshah, the capital of North Waziristan, said the militants killed in the attack belonged to Sadiq Noor, a commander loyal to the Haqqani network.


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