Why www.storiesthatmatter.org?

For the last fifteen years, the Public Education Center, parent organization of www.storiesthatmatter.org, has operated two news services that continue to do ground breaking work on national security and environmental issues. Tens of millions of people continue to see the work of the National Security and Natural Resources news services work appear under the names of major news organizations around the world. Our work has appeared on all the major news magazine shows, in major papers around the world and on such international outlets broadcast as BBC and Japan’s NHK television. PEC’s work has also appeared in scores of books and hundreds of magazine articles. That will continue to happen. But starting this month, the work of the Public Education Center will break on www.storiesthatmatter.org. We will still work with the big news organizations on exclusive stories. But our version of the stories we originate will appear here. This allows PEC to keep pursuing stories we originate in ways that commercial outlets cannot.

Forget the Election Mr. President, Just Tell Us the Truth

Not since Watergate has the credibility of an American president been in such doubt. Set aside your partisan beliefs about George Bush. What dripped out over the weekend from former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill on CBS’s “60 Minutes” was like blood dripping from the arteries of our national credibility.