Conservationists Push Back Against Desalination in California

Photo: Poseidon Resources
Photo: Poseidon Resources

The state is running out of water. Is desalination a panacea or potential boondoggle?

California is in the process of building a series of massive ocean desalination plants on a scale not seen before in the United States. While most are at various stages, slowly slogging through bureaucratic red tape, conservationists are pushing back against powerful interests betting California’s looming water crisis occurs sooner rather than later.

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America’s Energy Future

If you go to The New York Times, click on Business and then click on Energy, you can see the country’s energy future unfold. Gone are the promised green jobs from the Obama administration. Wind energy companies are losing contracts. Solar panel manufacturing plants are closing. The Obama White House has given up on climate change “cap and trade” legislation and is facing a new Congress with members ready to reign in the EPA.

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Wind can power East Coast

A new study released Tuesday by Oceana says that Atlantic Ocean winds can power much of the East Coast.  It says that wind could produce 30 percent more energy than oil and gas and can be cost competitive with natural gas and nuclear energy.

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Scowcroft Says Blue Ribbon Commission To Inspect SRS in January

The Atlanta Constitution reports Brent Scowcroft, co-chairman of President Obama’s Blue Ribbon Commission On America’s Nuclear Future, said he and his fellow commissioners will take a look at the most radioactive site in the United States (measured by curies): The Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site. He also said they will visit the controversial Plant Vogtle nuclear power reactor complex, located just across the Savannah River from SRS on the Georgia side.

Large amounts of tritium, a gas used to boost nuclear explosions and also a radioactive element produced in civilian power plants, has been detected in the Savannah River, along with many other radioactive by products. The Savannah River is the 4th most polluted river in the United States.  Critics such as WAND Georgia point out that cancer rates among poor residents along the river occur with alarming frequency.  Nuclear power proponents say the amount of tritium released into the environment meet state standards.

The Blue Ribbon visit comes as new nuclear facilities are either under construction or being proposed for both SRS and Plant Vogtle.

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