NYT: N.Y. Assembly Approves Fracking Moratorium

The New York Assembly voted for a temporary moratorium on natural gas drilling using hydraulic fracturing with horizontal drilling. The Senate has already passed a similar bill. The Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York is asking Governor David Paterson to veto the bill.


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America’s Energy Future

If you go to The New York Times, click on Business and then click on Energy, you can see the country’s energy future unfold. Gone are the promised green jobs from the Obama administration. Wind energy companies are losing contracts. Solar panel manufacturing plants are closing. The Obama White House has given up on climate change “cap and trade” legislation and is facing a new Congress with members ready to reign in the EPA.

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NYT: When a Rig Moves In Next Door

The New York Times compares the cultural differences among supporters of natural gas drilling and the opponents. In Louisiana, residents overwhelmingly support the gas industry despite several incidents while Pennsylvania is divided over whether or not costs to the environment and drinking water are worth the monies paid to state and local governments and residents for gas drilling rights.


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Research Shows Radioactive Dangers to Marcellus Shale Fracking

As Wall Street keeps pushing the Marcellus Shale “play” word now comes from University of Buffalo researchers that hydro fracking not only releases natural gas but is likely to release uranium as drilling companies our millions of gallons of water and fracking fluids into rock to force the gas to the surface. A University of Buffalo reports:

“Marcellus shale naturally traps metals such as uranium and at levels higher than usually found naturally, but lower than manmade contamination levels,” says Tracy Bank, PhD, assistant professor of geology in UB’s College of Arts and Sciences and lead researcher. “My question was, if they start drilling and pumping millions of gallons of water into these underground rocks, will that force the uranium into the soluble phase and mobilize it? Will uranium then show up in groundwater?”

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