Nuclear Weapons Production: The Ultimate Trans Generational Crime Against Humanity

President Obama holds a press conference at the Nuclear Security Summit (Public Domain)

Washington – Frustrated by the fact President Obama’s nuclear summit last month was undermined by the reality that the United States and other attendees had actually increased spending on all things nuclear, anti-nuclear activists point out there are still no practical answers to nuclear waste from weapons and power production.

Further, political promises of technical solutions to nuclear waste have all ended in failure. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s deep involvement in the failed Mixed Oxide Fuel program of the United States has raised serious questions of any real reforms coming from a second Clinton Presidency. So far the failed program to convert nuclear warhead pits to plutonium reactor fuel has cost almost $50 billion including the failed small pilot plant at the Savannah River Site has been defunded by President Obama.

Accidents, explosions and other major program failures costing billions at Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration facilities are not being ignored around the world. Lawyers from Japan and Europe are frustrated by Administrations in Japan, France and the United States that pushing nuclear power and ignoring the warnings of scientists about the result waste and health dangers. The fact that these civil nuclear power efforts depend on huge taxpayer assistance and require legislative protection to protect shareholders from liability should these plants expose the public to radiation. Continue reading Nuclear Weapons Production: The Ultimate Trans Generational Crime Against Humanity

The Secret History of Nuclear Proliferation

DC Bureau Editor and Public Education Center President Joe Trento is presenting National Security News Service’s investigation into The Secret History of Nuclear Proliferation to the International Conference on the Streets and in Court Justice and Faith Against Nuclear Risks in Frankfurt, Germany. The presentation is the culmination of decades of work by Trento and his colleagues at NSNS. We especially acknowledge the work of NSNS reporter David Armstrong, who co-authored America and The Islamic Bomb (Steerforth Random House 2007) with Trento.

National Security News Services work on Japan’s secret nuclear weapons program under the guise of nuclear power was presented at the 2015 conference and that reporting along with other presentations at that conference help convince Pope Frances to announce his moral opposition to nuclear power.

It had been cold and overcast in London all in the fall of 2004. Dark clouds were rolling in as British customs agent Atif Amin headed home for the weekend. Amin, a tall, native-born British citizen of Pakistani descent was then just thirty-five years old. Amin had already spent years tracking some of the world’s most sinister characters. From opium-smuggling warlords in Afghanistan, sanctions-busting arms dealers supplying weapons to paramilitary groups in Montenegro and Africa, and finally a shadowy international network of nuclear arms traffickers. While he could claim real and meaningful successes, he was also frustrated by the degree to which politics interfered with his investigations. Continue reading The Secret History of Nuclear Proliferation

Obama’s Iraq War – The Kurdish Connection

On August 7, President Obama reluctantly authorized the use of force in Iraq. He said it was to protect U.S. personnel and the Yazidis under attack from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Obama’s return of U.S. forces to Kurdish Iraq was part of a massive lobbying effort by a series of high ranking former U.S. military officers and diplomats on the Kurds’ payroll. Like the generals and admirals who took to the airwaves to promote George Bush’s Iraq war, a similar cast of characters is urging U.S. support for the Kurds. Continue reading Obama’s Iraq War – The Kurdish Connection

The Robert Levinson Case: The Cover-up Behind The Cover-up

Robert Levinson

The fate of missing former FBI agent and CIA contractor Robert Levinson is rooted in a secret history that is buried in distraction and misinformation. Levinson, who disappeared on the island of Kish off of Iran in March 2007, is like so many other failed CIA cases: rooted in a culture of secrecy and tinged with massive incompetence. Everyone who enters this “wilderness of mirrors” never seems to escape.

Levinson’s capture is a direct result of an amateur intelligence operation that no professional spy agency would ever authorize. But it is not a simple one-off mistake. It is a decades old tragedy that began in the 1950s with the CIA installing the shah of Iran on the Peacock Throne. The context of the Levinson case does not come into focus until the Carter administration. That is when two key events took place. First President Carter decided in October 1977 to “reform” the CIA by firing most of the Operations Directorate or the case officers who run the spies. Second, he did not directly intervene to keep the shah in power during the Iranian Revolution. As a result, the various intelligence services began operating in less clearly defined territory using whatever means necessary. It quickly became very messy. Continue reading The Robert Levinson Case: The Cover-up Behind The Cover-up