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Help us with stories we are working on right now. Even a small donation can make a very big difference. Everyone at PEC works on stories. We have no administrative staff, just reporters. We rent space in a third floor walk-up so we can spend more on reporting than overhead. We do amazing work on a very small budget.

Even a small donation can help us send out that last Freedom of Information Act request or make that extra phone call or drive that extra mile that will put an investigation over the top.

$5- $60 – Reporter’s Level

Pays for videotape, a phone call, subway fare, a source’s transportation, or document copying.

$10 a month or more – Assignment Editor’s Level

If you believe in what we do, then help us as a monthly donor for reporting throughout the year. (PEC book of your choice)

$200-$1000 – Managing Editor’s Level

Become a sponsor of our reporting team with a significant contribution. Receive a complete set of PEC’s autographed investigative books.

$1,000 or more – Publisher’s Level

Donate $1,000 or more and become a publisher for public interest investigative reporting on In addition to the set of PEC books you will be invited to special briefings on our stories and be listed on as a contributing publisher.